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Cryptomonad photo gallery

Below is a selection of images (light, scanning and transmission electron micrographs) of cryptomonads which are available for downloading. All images on this page are watermarked and may be freely downloaded.

Higher resolution, non-watermarked images (JPEG or uncompressed TIFF files) may be available on a One Use, One Edition basis only (i.e., *not* Royalty-Free) in exchange for a fee depending on the image size and file format.

Image sizes available are: S (0.5 MegaPixel), M (2 MegaPixel), L (4 MegaPixel) and XL (8 MegaPixel).

To order images, please send an e-mail specifying which images you would like and the sizes and file types. You will receive a PayPal invoice and, after your cleared payment is received, you will be provided with a username and password to a secure area of the website where the ordered images can be downloaded.

All the images available are copyrighted by the author with all rights reserved.


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