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The information available on this website is freely available for the purpose of bona-fide, non-profit academic research, teaching and private study with no commercial connotation. Users falling under this category are simply requested to acknowledge this website and credit the author whenever material derived from this website is used for school and university lectures and practicals, school and university course material including handouts, school and university seminars and the like. However, users falling under this category who wish to use material from this website for incorporation into scientific papers, theses, talks and posters presented at research worskhops, conferences and congresses, etc., are kindly requested to seek permission from the author.

Commercial users, i.e. any kind of private or institutional entities not falling under the non-profit category (including but not limited to photo libraries, image libraries, picture researchers whether free-lance or employed, publishers, consultants whether free-lance or employed, the "commercial arm" of universities and other teaching, academic, academically-related and research institutions) - may freely browse the contents of this website, but any use of website material for commercial or commercially-related purposes is strictly prohibited without written permission from the author.

Non-profit and commercial users alike may download high-resolution non-watermarked images only in exchange for a fee, to be specified by the author at the time of the order.

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